Automatic Horse Water BowlMake easy work of keeping your horse’s water supply fresh and clean using an automatic horse water bowl. The automatic float bowl for horses is manufactured using very durable, high quality plastic material, that has a smooth finish with absolutely no sharp edges. The black float chamber cover hides and protects the automatic float valve. This cover can be removed to easily adjust the desired water level to be maintained in the bowl at all time. Under the float chamber cover is hidden a high quality water valve manufactured using solid brass materials creating a trouble free water bowl float, unlike the competition, which uses all plastic materials.

Using brass as the main material means that float valve parts last almost indefinitely and that the annoying and frustrating “replacement parts ritual” is basically eliminated. None the less a complete set of replacement parts is available to easily repair any misfortunes encountered.

The automatic float bowl hooks up easily to any standard water source with it’s ½” male pipe thread (MPT) adapter. The water hook up can be switched to use either side of the water bowl to fit any installation methods necessary.

The automatic float bowl has a generously deep water dish to help prevent unnecessary spills and keeps box stalls dry and clean.

Also available in attractive green and blue!

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